In Introspection and Consciousness, edited by Declan Smithies and Daniel Stoljar, Oxford University Press, 2012.

 From the Introduction:

What is the special way in which we each know our own minds? “Introspection,” we say.
But this word may seem too theoretically loaded—suggesting a faculty of “inner sense”
whereby we turn attention away from the “external world” to perceive what’s inside. And
that picture of how we get self-knowledge cannot be taken for granted. However, while
the term ‘introspection’ seems practically inevitable, we can elect to use it––as I will––
without committing ourselves to the existence of an “inner sense.” I will in fact reject
inner sense views. But I also want to do justice to what I think makes them attractive.
This means explaining how consciousness and attention to experience make firstperson
“introspective” knowledge possible.